Urban Geohazards - Integrated Approaches in Applied Geophysics for Monitoring of Sinkhole and Landslide Processes

C. Krawczyk
, Prof. Dr.
, Leibniz-Institut für Angewandte Geophysik
14. März 2013 | 17:35 Uhr

Subsurface investigation and monitoring in urban areas has to take sealed surfaces and densely built and populated areas into account. Here, the introduced shear-wave reflection seismic system developed at LIAG suggests a solution for acquisition technology by using horizontally polarized shear waves (SH-waves). Our seismic acquisition system combines specifically developed vibrator sources with a land streamer that can be towed behind a recording car. This setup is able to operate in residential areas, providing an image of the uppermost 100-150 m of the subsurface in great detail. Thus, by combining SH source signals and SH receivers in one survey, full SH-wave reflection acquisition is possible, which is dedicated to urban applications and accounts for sealed surfaces. In addition to the structural imaging, the gained shear-wave interval velocity can be translated to the shear modulus, thereby providing a proxy for in situ soil stiffness, a key geotechnical parameter.